Archetype Real Property Mgmt & Brokerage

Archetype Real Property Mgmt & Brokerage


About Us

Archetype Real Property Management & Brokerage is a division of Archetype Companies. Unlike conventional property management, Archetype provides property owners and investors fully integrated real estate and facilities management services. Savvy owners, investors, developers and property associations use this approach to maximize the quality of their properties and the appreciation of their assets.

The highest quality properties and value maximization require integrated teams of professional managers with a broad set of talents and expertise. Archetype employs three professional teams dedicated to deliver excellence on all projects. Our three teams include (1) financial management and accounting, (2) facilities planning, design, engineering and construction management, and (3) property operations management and brokerage.

Our service team leadership includes seasoned professionals, licensed and qualified as follows: certified public accountants, engineers, architects, certified building contractors, real estate brokers, BOMI RPA's, community association managers and structural and threshold building inspectors.

Past and current projects encompass residential land development, public and private school facilities and construction management, class A office lease and financial management, capital improvements planning and reserve studies, structural integrity reserve studies, milestone structural inspections, building renovation management, property acquisitions, due diligence inspections, forensic engineering investigation and problem solving, project engineering and management, project cost accounting, property accounting and investment financial modeling,