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C Style- Communicating in Times of Crisis

During highly stressful times; communication becomes much more challenging.
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Communicating in
Times of Crisis 
Part 5- C Style

As we continue living in highly stressful times; I hope this message finds you well.

Now that so many of us are working remotely, we are finding communication much more challenging. Even with video conferencing tools, it is still difficult to observe and process all of the nonverbal cues that we used to depend on for communication with coworkers, customers, and vendors.

This is part 5 of Communicating in Times of Crisis- focusing on the C Style in the Team Strength DISC Tool.


Tim Kinane is an Executive Coach and CEO Peer-Group Chairman.

Tim believes that everyone can do better. Through his broad experience and unique perspective, he coaches clients to greater success.
Knowledge builds better relationships and strong teams. Team Strength DISC profile is a cost-effective tool that gives powerful results that can be used for both personal and professional relationships. I have used Team Strength DISC profiles to help businesses and organizations develop strong teams and great leaders.

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Send me an email  or call 772-210-4499  if you would like to try these leadership level tools to build your Team Strength. 

Tim Kinane

The C Style is analytical and reserved. Focused on facts, information and proofs, making sure everything works the way it should. Those with Correctness Style can become critical during times of stress-focusing on what has gone wrong- fear of mistakes.



C Style



·Detail oriented

·Focus on- facts,information, proofs


When we identify and control what is likely to stress us we can better react with thoughtfulness.  (That is a good time to take a nice, deep breath.)

It is OK to understand and accept that we are under stress and not in a comfortable place.  That will start to refill our emotional bank account when we need it most.

C Style

Emotional/Reactive: “I can’t help you any further. Do what you want.”

Thoughtful: “ I know this is stressful. I just need to unplug for a day.”

When we can get our own emotions controlled by understanding and managing the things that we can affect, then we will be in a better position to help others. By communicating more effectively and reducing our reactive behavior, we will be in a better position to be more accommodating to those around us, on phone calls or in a video chat.
We can then remember to treat others the way they want to be treated. Don't try to "fix" people. We can remember that they have different needs and fears and we can adapt ourselves to their pace or priority as best we can. It's a time that we all need to listen more and pay attention to what other behavioral expressions we are broadcasting and being more accepting of the reactions of others.
So, in these troubling times, we do have the ability to make deposits to our own emotional bank account.  Even better, when we pay attention and care for others, we can also make emotional deposits to the accounts of those people who are important to us.
Stay safe, stay well.
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