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What I saw in Pennsylvania

Doug Mastriano for Governor Email Header
Last week, I went to Pennsylvania to campaign for my good friend, Doug Mastriano, the Republican nominee for Governor of Pennsylvania.
Doug’s a principled defender of conservative values, liberty, and the American Dream...and I know that he’ll govern by putting freedom first, just like I do down here in Florida.
Doug’s down by just 3 points in the polls, but his opponent has a ton of money to dump into this race, as well as the unified support of Big Tech and the Leftist Media.
Doug needs our immediate help if he’s going to pull off a big victory on November 8.
I told Doug my top supporters could always be trusted to come through for a true conservative fighter…
As a special favor to me, will you rush your support to Doug’s campaign...and make sure he has the resources to fight back and win?
Back in 2018, polls said I would lose by 7% and the Leftist media had all but written me off.
Support from conservatives like you helped prove them wrong...and I’m sure you’d agree: Florida would be a MUCH worse place today if we had come up short.
  • When the rest of the nation locked down for COVID-19, Florida empowered our people and stayed open.
  • When the rest of the nation capitulated to the Far-Left on Critical Race Theory and transgender orthodoxy, Floridians stood with our values and fought back.
Right now, Pennsylvania voters face the same choices Floridians faced in 2018:
Will we elect a principled conservative leader who will stand and FIGHT for the values we cherish...or will we give up and let the Far-Left finish their takeover of this great nation?
Floridians decided to take a stand...and America’s a better place because we did.
Now, Doug Mastriano needs your help to make sure Pennsylvanians join us in the nationwide fight for freedom too.
Doug WILL win this race and be the kind of fearless conservative ally we need to beat Far-Left radicalism for good...but first, he needs to have you in his corner.
So I’m asking you, please help Doug’s campaign surge in the final 2 months of this race.
Thank you for your support.
Ron DeSantis
Paid for by Friends of Doug Mastriano.
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