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Under Governor DeSantis’s leadership, Florida has remained the freest state in the nation.

In Florida, we’ve enjoyed our personal freedoms and ability to make choices for ourselves – but have you asked yourself what our state would be like under different circumstances?

Thanks to the self-inflicted chaos and destruction happening in blue states around the country, we don’t have to wonder what Florida would be like without Governor DeSantis’s leadership. In other states, we see:
  • Communities destroyed by criminals running rampant without consequence
  • School children indoctrinated with extreme woke ideologies in school
  • Our government taken over by power-hungry politicians and Draconian ideals
In D.C., Charlie voted 100% of the time with Biden, and now he’s running against Governor DeSantis to turn Florida into another woke dumpster fire.

Charlie supported Joe’s hiring of 87,000 new IRS agents AND defended Joe’s weaponization of federal agencies to go after his political adversaries.

The Biden administration has gone completely rogue and turned our country into a Banana Republic and Charlie Crist has been cheering on the chaos every step of the way.

Even worse, Charlie continues to defend Joe’s extreme messaging as “just telling the truth.”

It’s clear Charlie is no more than a political puppet, and the Biden administration is pulling all the strings.

We can’t allow Charlie to do to Florida what Joe Biden has done to America. Can we count on your support to stop Charlie and Keep Florida Free? >>>

Thanks for your continued support,
Team DeSantis

Paid by Ron DeSantis, Republican, for Governor.
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