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When I was elected Governor in 2018, I knew I was up for a challenge. I knew we would lead the nation with a bold agenda, but I had no idea the forces we’d be up against.

I had been fighting against the Obama administration’s rejection of the founding principles of our country. The Biden administration is even worse.

Over the last three and a half years, I have fought for Floridians on every front and secured Florida’s standing as America’s beachhead of freedom.

We have continued to fight for Floridians each and every day. We stood up against the corporate media, against bureaucrats like Fauci, and against Brandon himself.

To keep the state of Florida open, to protect people’s jobs, and to save businesses, we rejected mandates for COVID jabs. We made it ILLEGAL in the state of Florida to force a student in our school system to get a COVID shot they don’t want.

When Brandon and his lackeys tried to attack our employees and corporations, we called a special session of the legislature to pass protections for individuals.

No Floridian should have to choose between a job they need and a jab they don’t want.

We banned vaccine passports in the state of Florida because we believe you should be able to participate in society without being marginalized based on your personal medical decision to get a jab or not.

Through it all, we refused to bow down to Fauci and his ridiculous authoritarian decrees.

These are just a few of the ways Florida has led and stood up against the restrictive mandates being forced on the country. If it were not for Florida, the lockdown mob would have won.

Instead, we have stood strong, and we have stood for freedom. Our state is better for it, and our country is better off for what we did.

Are you with me, friend? Show your support for our freedom agenda now >>>

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I appreciate your support as I continue in the fight to Keep Florida Free.

Ron DeSantis



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