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Woke Billionaire Pours Money Into Florida

Did you see the news?

Out-of-state billionaires are at it AGAIN trying to dictate the outcome of our elections.

Failed Democrat Mike Bloomberg just gave a MILLION dollars to the Florida Democrat Party. Florida Democrats are trying desperately to put an end to the success we’ve created in Florida.

Whether it’s radical Left politicians or their walking billionaire ATMs, it’s clear the Left believes they can buy their way into Florida. Democrats are on a crusade to tear apart our country from the inside out, and they’ve made Florida their #1 target because we will not allow their radical agenda to infiltrate our state.

Governor DeSantis can’t be bullied into submission by the media and the woke mob — and that scares them.

The far Left doesn’t like what they can’t control. Governor DeSantis has made it known as long as he is Governor, they will not control Florida. With your help, we can continue to keep failed Democrat policies out of our state and continue Governor DeSantis’s freedom agenda.

Will you take a stand with us today and send a strong message to the liberal elite that their policy and their money have no place in the free state of Florida?


For Florida,
Team DeSantis

Paid by Ron DeSantis, Republican, for Governor.

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