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Top 5 Cancer Need-to-Know

July 2022
Andy was diagnosed with a rare cancer of the appendix at age 33. When the cancer returned after a typical surgical treatment, he thought he had only 6 months to live. In a 17-hour procedure, a Cleveland Clinic surgical team replaced five of his organs during the world’s first full multi-organ transplant. Read more.

Weight Loss with Bariatric Surgery Cuts the Risk of Developing Cancer

A Cleveland Clinic study shows that among adults with obesity, weight loss achieved with bariatric surgery was associated with a 32% lower risk of developing cancer and a 48% lower risk of cancer-related death compared with adults who did not have the surgery. Learn more

Cancer Etiquette: What to Say or Not Say

It’s easy to recognize the wrong things to say when you learn of someone’s cancer diagnosis — but what are the right ones? Read the story

A Potential New Treatment for Rectal Cancer

Steven Wexner, MD, Chair of the Department of Colorectal Surgery at Cleveland Clinic Florida, discusses the recent groundbreaking study about a possible new treatment for rectal cancer. Listen to the story

How Genetics Play a Role in Melanoma

A new study from Cleveland Clinic shows that in addition to environmental factors, melanoma risk can be related to genetics. Watch the story

Efforts Needed to Address Rise of Young-Onset Gastrointestinal Cancers

Despite a steady decline in incidence and mortality rates of many cancers among older individuals in the U.S., an alarming rise in young-onset gastrointestinal cancers has simultaneously occurred. Learn more

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