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Next Month = Primary Month!

Following up here on this message from my team about our primary being next month…
As you can imagine, since I’m running in a brand-new district and have to get my name out there to thousands of voters who have never seen my name on a ballot in just a matter of weeks, we have our work cut out for us before this big election.
That’s why I’m asking for your help…
I want to tell these voters about how I didn’t let losing my legs on the battlefield stop me from serving the country I love. But with just a month to work with right now, our time and resources in getting that message across are limited.
Do you think you can help our mission in a big way by either giving us a follow on social media if you haven’t already, or by making a grassroots contribution of any amount?
Both of these things will help amplify our message and ensure that our America First campaign comes out on top next month!
Thanks for your help,
SSG Brian Mast, U.S. Army (ret.)
---------Forwarded Message-------
From: Mast Campaign Team
Date: Wed, July 6, 2022 at 3:30 PM 
Subject: Next Month = Primary Month!
In case you hadn’t checked the calendar, Brian’s Primary Election is NEXT MONTH!
As a quick reminder: this patriot is running in a brand-new district where thousands of voters have never even seen his name on a ballot before…
That means we have to get Brian’s name, message, and story out to these new voters - and we only have a couple weeks left before vote by mail ballots are sent out!
So, if you want to help share Brian’s background of fighting for America and going on to keep up that Service Before Self fight even after losing two legs, then now is the perfect time to step up.
Brian’s powerful story + your support RIGHT NOW in helping us share it = securing these new votes and WINNING BIG in the FL-21 primary!
Here are 2 easy ways you can make it happen:
Follow Brian on Social Media
When new FL-21 voters see a big online following for Brian, it boosts HIS credibility and THEIR likelihood of voting for him. So if you haven’t already, give Brian a follow below!
Contribute to the Campaign
Your support pays for the materials that tell Brian’s patriotic success story and display to voters his standout, Trump-Endorsed, America First record in Congress!
Thanks in advance for the support now that we’re ONE MONTH OUT from the primary!
Keep up the fight,
Mast Campaign Team

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