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Mast Campaign Brief | Putting service before self, gearing up for the primary, and continuing the fight for clean water

Thank you for your continued support. As one of our top supporters, I wanted to provide you with an update about the latest news from the campaign, the messages we are promoting and the ways you can stay engaged. As always, you can also follow along with the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, and Truth Social. Your continued support is greatly appreciated! 
Here’s the latest:
To: 2022 Defense Fund Members
From: Team Mast
Date: July 8, 2022
Re: Campaign Brief
I am proud to have spent my life putting service before self - first on the battlefield while serving my country in the U.S. Army and now in Congress. I know what it’s like to lead for others instead of myself, and that’s why I know I need a team wherever I am.
In the most important midterm election we have ever faced as a nation, I need fellow warriors who will help me defend our freedom from Radical Left politicians trying to take our rights away. I would love it if you would join me on my next mission: helping to take back the House this year!
For our country,
Brian Mast
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Check out these stories to read the latest news about the issues Brian is working on:
Florida Congressman Files Bill To Bring Awareness To PTSI In Veterans
South Florida Republican Brian Mast and California Democrat Scott Peters introduced the legislation in the House on Monday to name June "Post-Traumatic Stress Injury Awareness Month" and June 27th "National PTSI Awareness Day." Mast, a wounded war veteran, says it's an effort to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health that frequently prevents veterans and members of the military from seeking treatment.
Biden Directs Minor Children to Abortion Finder Website
In response to the overturning of the landmark Roe vs. Wade abortion ruling, President Joe Biden and his administration are directing minor children (15 years old or younger) to the website for any concerns or questions these children may have in regard to having an abortion.The website offers a few “Good to Know” tips for anyone seeking an abortion, including how minors can sidestep parental notification or bypass parental notification laws.
First on CNN: House Republicans push legislation to require Biden administration to detail the status of major arm sales to Taiwan
Republican House lawmakers are introducing legislation that would require the Biden administration to provide Congress with a detailed report on the status of major arms sales to Taiwan, an effort that comes as there is a mounting sense of urgency about getting Taiwan the weapons it would need to fend off a potential Chinese invasion.
We want to remind you that Brian’s Primary Election is coming up NEXT MONTH!
As a quick reminder: this patriot is running in a brand-new district where thousands of voters have never even seen his name on a ballot before…
That means we have to get Brian’s name, message, and story out to these new voters - and we only have a couple weeks left before vote by mail ballots are sent out!
So, if you want to help share Brian’s background of fighting for America and going on to keep up that Service Before Self fight even after losing two legs, then now is the perfect time to step up.
Will you help us fill Brian’s get out the vote fund?
With Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the radical Left having full control of Washington, D.C. right now, this year is perhaps one of the most important elections to date. Thank you for your continued support - we couldn’t do it without you!
Team Mast

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