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The Road to Fixing Florida’s Broken Legal Climate & Improving Florida’s Courts for Business

The Road to Fixing Fixing Florida's Broken Legal Climate &
Improving Florida's Courts of Business 
Despite Florida’s otherwise strong business climate, our national and global competitiveness is held back by our bottom-five legal climate. The Florida Chamber Litigation & Regulatory Reform Center launched the General Counsels Council to help unite the business community around the meaningful reforms necessary to improve Florida’s legal climate. Some of these reforms will be legislative, while other opportunities exist through procedural reforms to Florida’s civil justice system.
On Tuesday, the Florida Chamber of Commerce addressed the Florida Supreme Court's Judicial Management Council at the invitation of Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice Carlos Muñiz to discuss the court system’s performance and potential improvements.  Speaking on behalf of the Florida Chamber’s Litigation and Regulatory Reform Center, attorney and General Counsels Council member Jason Gonzalez presented several proposals to improve Florida’s civil justice system and curtail lawsuit abuse.
The proposals were developed based on Florida Chamber member recommendations and included proposed procedural rule changes to expedite responses and rulings on motions for summary judgment to avoid unnecessary trial preparation costs, prohibit the use of inflated and unpaid medical expenses in personal injury lawsuits involving the abusive use of “letters of protection”, and increase court staff to expedite court hearings and reduce overall litigation costs.
The proposed summary judgment rule change would require written responses to motions for summary judgment within 30 days of the filing of the motion and require the Court to rule on the motion several weeks before trial.  This reform would more closely align Florida summary judgment procedure with the federal summary judgment rule. The reform would encourage the courts to dispose of frivolous claims before the parties are required to engage in additional costly pre-trial preparation.
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The General Counsels Council brings together Florida’s leading General Counsels and Chief Legal Officers to advise the Litigation & Regulatory Reform Center in four key areas: courts of law, courts of public opinion, and both the legislative and political arenas.
For more information and to have your company’s General Counsel join a group of peer leaders from diverse industries committed to stomping out lawsuit abuse and driving the change necessary to meet Florida’s competitive potential, contact Frank Walker, Executive Vice President of Government & Political Relations, at

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