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Develop a Company Vision That Employees Buy Into

One question I’m frequently asked is “What Types of Businesses Do You Sell?”

After decades in commercial lending, I found I have a passion for working with closely held businesses. These are frequently led by one entrepreneurial figure, sometimes a family team. I really enjoy all types of businesses and all of their varied business models.

I do have a favorite industry, though. These are the manufacturers; high-tech or not. There is tremendous variety even within this industry. Marine and aerospace manufacturers in particular are incredibly interesting. From rocket engines to boat propellers to marine electronics. I love it all.

Besides selling businesses, my consulting firm does economic development work and business transition planning. We help businesses transition to ownership to other family members or key managers. I also maintain very close relationships with many commercial lenders. I make these referrals gratis. Please call if I can ever help.

All my best,
Bill West
West Advisory
November 16, 2022
Develop a Company Vision That Employees Buy Into
I'm sure you've read about the importance of having company values and a mission or vision statement. But why is it important and how do you establish them? When I first started my business with one client and a couple of employees, I didn't have the structure in place. But as we grew and added more clients and …
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Industry Leaders
Business Valuation and Sales
Our Proven 5 Step Process to Sell Your Business

1. Value - receive an expert opinion of value for your business
2. Position - create a marketing plan emphasizing your company’s strengths and potential
3. Confidential Advertising - get your business in front of the right buyers
4. Qualify - Buyers sign NDAs and demonstrate the ability to close first
5. Close - schedule confidential meetings, negotiate terms, close the sale

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Bill West
West Advisory
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