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UTILITY SERVICE WORKER II DEPARTMENT: Utilities & Engineering Low Pressure Sewer/Grinders Team

Posted: 09/14/2022

Under the supervision of the Team Leader II or Field
Services Manager, performs installation and maintenance of
the municipal low pressure sewer, wastewater collection and
water distribution systems. Employees in this class are
engaged in the construction and repair of low pressure
sewer grinders, water and wastewater mains and attendant
devices. Work includes connection of fittings, excavation
for the installation of lines, placement, removal and minor
repair to water meters and the testing of water pressure as
required. Duties involve exposure to unsanitary wastes and
occasional adverse weather conditions. This is a safetysensitive
position requiring screening for illegal
substance and alcohol use. Work is reviewed through
observation and adherence to established policies and
1. Installs, maintains, and repairs sewage grinder stations
and services, water and wastewater mains, services and
valve boxes; excavates trenches for force and gravity main
placement, installation and repair.
2. Assists in locating breaks in utility lines so as to effect
repair; checks manholes, force mains, and gravity mains for
blockages, jets, cleans, and TV’s sewer lines, and
3. Assists in repair and replacement of water and sewer lines;
assists in the inspection of sewer lines for defects.
4. Operates various motor vehicles, heavy equipment, to
transport personnel and supplies to work site.
5. Performs general grounds and non-skilled level facilities
maintenance and cleaning.
NOTE: The examples of essential functions as listed in
this classification specification are not necessarily
descriptive of any one position in the class. The omission
of an essential function of work does not preclude
management from assigning duties not listed herein if such
functions are a logical assignment to the position.
A. Training and Experience:
High School Diploma or equivalent required. Must be able to
obtain a Florida Commercial Driver License (CDL), Class "B"
with tanker endorsement within 6 months of employment.
Possession of a Class C Wastewater Collections Technician
Certification through the Florida Water & Pollution Control
Operators Association is desirable.
B. Knowledge, Abilities and Skills:
Knowledge of the practices and materials utilized in the
installation and maintenance of a water and wastewater
utility system.
Knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety
precautions of the work.
Ability to locate leaks, stoppages and malfunctions in
water and wastewater lines and related equipment.
Ability to operate heavy hand machinery used in the
maintenance of water and sewer lines.
Ability to understand and follow oral and written
Ability to establish and maintain effective working
relationships with fellow employees.
Skills in the use of hand tools, gas saws, tamper,
jackhammers, jet rodder trucks, hydra-stops, vac trucks,
cement mixers, and various power tools.
Ability to perform basic electrical, troubleshooting and
repairs of station control panels.
Ability to be available for after-hours emergencies and be
on call.
C. Physical Requirements:
Task involves the regular, and at times sustained,
performance of heavier physical tasks such as walking over
rough or uneven surfaces, bending, kneeling, stooping,
working in confined spaces, stretching, reaching and
lifting or carrying moderately heavy (25-50 pound) items
and occasionally very heavy (100 pounds or over) items;
Tasks involve the frequent use of eye hand coordination and
manipulative skills in performing a variety of tasks with
the full range of hand and power tools and shop equipment;
or the skilled and complex operation of heavy equipment
calling for adherence to exacting standards of depth,
grade, dimensions, and contours.
D. Environmental Requirements:
Task may require frequent exposure to adverse environmental
This position is Essential and is required to report to
duty before, during, and immediately after a civil
E. Sensory Requirements:
Task requires odor perception and discrimination.
Task requires depth perception and discrimination.
Task requires visual perception and discrimination.
Task requires oral communications ability.
Task requires written communications ability.

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