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Job Opening - Executive Director Business Development Board of Martin County, Inc.

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January 24, 2019
Job Description
Title:                           Executive Director
Organization:             Business Development Board of Martin County, Inc.
Duties:                        The Executive Director is responsible for planning, directing, managing, and overseeing the activities and operations of the Business Development Board of Martin County.
Key Responsibilities:
I. Vision, Mission, and Strategies
-Develop a shared vision for the future of the organization, build understanding around the current mission, and develop appropriate goals and strategies to advance that mission.
-Ensure that all projects and programs support the county’s vision for economic development.
II. Accomplishment of Management Objectives
-Establish operational objectives that support the County Contract, Scope of Services and Strategic Plan. 
-Responsible for leading the Board and staff in the creation and implementation of the Strategic Plan and any annual plans.
-Adhere to and execute such contracts and commitments as authorized by the Board of Directors or established policies.
-Develop, implement and adhere to goals, objectives, policies and procedures for the Business Development Board.
-Develop strategic initiatives to identify, attract, and retain business opportunities.
-Recruit, interview, hire, train, develop and promote staff and administrate an effective personnel program.
-Supervise, direct and delegate to staff and help implement all activities of the staff to see that objectives and directions of the Board, its officers, committees and partners are met.
III. Program Management
-Develop programs and services for existing Martin County companies and relocating businesses. Lead the staff in managing and administering these programs and services.
-Oversee the production, printing, and online publishing of BDBMC newsletters, press releases, website, social media pages, and printed business guides.
-Develop, propose, and implement service programs and policies for effective recruitment of
industry, business and investments in the area.
-Facilitate direct line of communication and coordination between business groups and County;
advising and recommending changes and clarifications to the Martin County Comp Plan and LDR’s to
clarify rules and identify obstructions that deter economic development.
-Maintain contact and develop relationships with existing business leaders in Martin County and assist them with potential expansion opportunities.
IV. Fiscal Management
-Develop, manage and adhere to annual budget.
-Develop, manage and adhere to solid budgeting systems so that the organization's goals and strategic plan serve as the basis for sound annual financial planning.
-Ensure that qualified staff are hired to monitor, assess, and manage the financial health of the organization accurately.
-Expand and increase revenue sources and income, in accordance with board direction.

V. Operations Management
-Responsible for day-to-day management, works with staff to develop, maintain, and use the systems and resources that facilitate the effective operation of the organization.
-Adhere to Corporate bylaws and make recommendations for updates to the bylaws, policies and procedures of the organization.
-Oversee marketing and public relations efforts of the BDBMC.
VI. Executive Director/BDBMC Board of Directors Partnership
-Develop and maintain a strong working relationship and a system for sharing information with the BDBMC Board of Directors.
-Act as the primary contact with BDBMC Board of Directors and responds to board inquiries in a timely manner.
VII. BDBMC Board of Directors/Staff Relationship
-Facilitate staff participation with the BDBMC Board of Directors.
VIII. External Liaison and Public Image
-Develop effective relationships with: community and business leaders, constituents, local and state public officials, relevant professional organizations, site selectors, funding partners and potential funding partners to maintain a positive image.
Work closely with the Board of County Commissioners (BOCC), Economic Council of Martin County, Chambers of Commerce and Enterprise Florida Inc. to promote the economic goals of the County.
-Work with the BDBMC Board of Directors and BOCC in the successful announcement of expanding and new businesses on behalf of Martin County.
-Develop relationships with Nationwide Real Estate Site Consultants to market the attributes of Martin County and bring new companies to the area.
-Maintain partnerships with Enterprise Florida, The Department of Economic Opportunity, The Governor’s Office and CareerSource to garner new economic opportunities and jobs in Martin County by leveraging their funds, resources and unique opportunities.
-Update local and national media on new projects related to economic development in Martin County.

-Official partner and member of Enterprise Florida’s Stakeholder Council.
  • A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or university. 
  •  5-8 years of progressive experience in economic development field required.  Must be able to demonstrate experience in business retention, expansion and recruitment efforts.
  • Excellent oral/written communications skills required.
  • Must be able to interact with local and state elected officials on economic development related issues.
  • Must have experience with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.
Salary:            Set by the Board of Directors
Contact:         David Powers – BDB Board President
                        E-Mail: david@indiantownrealty.com
Updated:        January 2019

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